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More than 25 years working nationally and internationally in the field of broadcast media, U.S. politics, and political campaigns.


What We Do

Production Consulting

Lora Media puts its vast expertise and experience to work for our clients, making sure your goals are achieved.

Media Services

Our team designs and supports your business in the execution of media outreach plans that hit the mark.

Political Campaings

We lend our clients our masterful grasp of current issues to inform your campaign strategy every step of the way.

Internal & External Strategy

Our talented team develops strategic plans crafted to meet clients’ needs. We build an understanding of expectations and audiences.

New Media

We work with our clients to develop a marketing strategy that satisfies and positions you to exceed your business targets.

Social Media

Lora Media blends new media with traditional communications and marketing strategies and tactics to reach audiences from all angles.


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Latest Posts


Así será el II Gran Debate Presidencial 2019 organizado por ASDER

(La Prensa) – Los cuatro candidatos a la presidencia de la República ya confirmaron su participación en el II Gran Debate Presidencial 2019 que ...


“No se ha escrito ni una pregunta para el debate”

La Prensa El dominicano Willie Lora, exdirector de Noticias de CNN en Español, es responsable de producir el debate presidencial que se desarrollará e...

Our Shows

On Target con Willie Lora
Reaching from Spain to the entire American continent, “On Target con Willie Lora” is born of the imperative need for deep, serious, and responsible analysis of important national and international issues. Committed to bringing you diverse viewpoints and challenging the status quo, we take the news to a different level in a space that respects your intellect and invites you to form your own views.
De Este a Oeste con Willie A. Lora y Maria Herrera
Take a deep dive into global issues with Willie Lora and María Herrera Mellado as they explore what the world is talking about and what it’s not. “De Este a Oeste” invites input from around the globe with experts across sectors, bringing you meaningful insights that inform and challenge you, so you can decide.