US Embassy Colombia

In early 2016 Willie Lora was invited by the US Embassy in Colombia to travel to the country to participate on a Journalism conference. During Mr. Lora’s visit, students of journalism, political science and seasoned journalists had the opportunity to attend the different lectures given by a renowned international journalist at the Colombo Americano Center, Bogotá, Colombo Americano Medellín, UPB Colombia, Universidad del Rosario, Universidad de La Sabana and Uniandinos – Association of Graduates of the University of Los Andes during their visit to Colombia.

Lora spoke about ethics and journalism in the digital age and shared his vision about the United States presidential elections, a subject in which he has extensive experience in covering. He highlighted the importance of bilingualism for today’s journalists because of the opportunities and content it generates. He also highlighted the value of journalist’s credibility and professional integrity, and how social media ceased to be an added value of journalism to become an essential part of it in the digital age.