Feature Story News (FSN)

unnamedLora Media Consulting was hired by “FSN” Feature Story News to expand their FSN LIVE service to Latin America expanding the portfolio of operations globally.

Feature Story News is the world’s largest independent full service custom news agency. Headquarters in Washington, DC and with a growing network of full service bureaus across Europe, Africa and the Americas, FSN delivers customized television, radio and digital reporting – live shots, breaking news, commentary and analysis, news packages and features – for clients around the globe.

Founded in Moscow in 1992, FSN’s twenty-four year record of success is built on two key commitments. First, we deliver smart, thoughtful and balanced journalism. Second, we continually take advantage of the latest advances in technology to deliver the highest quality news content as efficiently as possible – both on time and within budget.

Among our major clients are PBS NewsHour (U.S.), CCTV (China), Channel News Asia (Singapore), Radio New Zealand, RTÉ (Ireland), South African Broadcasting Corporation, Turkish Radio & Television, ENCA, Good Morning Britain and Teleseur. FSN journalists serve as the reporters for our clients – following their news agendas and customizing all of our reporting.

An integral part of Feature Story News is FSN LIVE, our live capabilities and global studio division. FSN LIVE gives clients an innovative solution to receive easy to schedule, HD quality live shots from our growing network of studios and high profile news events at and extremely affordable cost. FSN LIVE expands and broadens the live global studio access news directors demand, while delivering a cost-effective service to extend limited newsroom budgets. RecentFSN LIVE news events include the EU Migration Summit in Malta (Nov. 2015) and the Paris Climate Change Conference (Dec. 2015). FSN LIVE was also present at the historic visit of US President Barak Obama to Cuba in 2016 as well as servicing international clients during the US Elections November 2016.  

FSN operates bureaus in the following locations; most of which feature live insert studios equipped with FSN LIVE video technology:

– Moscow – Opposite Russian White House

– London– Brussels – Opposite European Union

– Berlin, Germany

– Washington, DC – Downtown

– New York City – Midtown & UN

– Los Angeles, CA

– San Francisco, CA

– Mountain View, CA

– Denver, CO

– Houston, TX

– Miami, FL

– Orlando, FL

– Kampala, Uganda

– Abuja, Nigeria

– Juba, South Sudan

– Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

– Caracas, Venezuela