“Cultural Center Sampedrano tackles Fake News and Ethics in Journalism in Honduras”

Lora media was invited to come to Honduras by the Binational Cultural Center Sampedrano and American Space in San Pedro Sula to address the issues of Fake news and the best practice to tackle this problem in all the different platforms, as we as to how to challenge the increasing ethical issues spreading throughout the industry in Honduras.  We talk about covering politics and the effective use of polls during political campaigns.

The program started in San Pedro Sula the industrial state of the country, then we moved to Santa Rosa de Copan and from there we went to the Capital Tegucigalpa where the program ended very successfully with high attendance from Season Journalists, journalism students, communicators and others.

Lora Media Consulting has engaged in the past with Binational centers in Colombia to address some the same issues and also teach journalist how to cover US elections understanding the election process in the country which Is different than the US.