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Lora Media partners with our clients to design and implement solutions and services necessary to maximize the results of media communications, broadcast media, branding strategies, and social media. We are passionate and committed to our mission, helping Lora Media customers achieve compelling results and dedicating our talent to provide lasting solutions to business’ most challenging management, technology, and policy issues. Lora Media’s talented team combines deep program and industry knowledge with world-class technical expertise, capably supporting our customers around the world from the analysis and design stage of business processes to implementation and evaluation, leveraging a state-of-the-art monitoring system.

  • Willie A. Lora
Willie A. Lora


Willie Lora brings more than 25 years of experience in the field to lead Lora Media’sexpert team of practitioners in media and communications. His tenure with several national and international news organizations includes more than 18 years as a news producer, several years serving as the Washington Bureau Chief and as the News and political Director for the CNN en Español Network. Willie has met with world leaders, produced breaking news, and covered historic events, along the way forming a deep and masterful ability to both analyze and narrate complex issues for diverse audiences. In Washington D.C. near the Pentagon on 9/11, in Haiti for the earthquakes, and in NewOrleans for Hurricane Katrina, has live life-changing, tragedies on the ground and in the public eye, helping make sense of events that have shaken and forever changed the world and our understanding of it. Congressional hearings, national and international political elections, multiple Middle East peace processes, international economic and political summits, and natural disasters. Willie has also introduced and equipped network media outlets with new technology, championed re-branding initiatives, and prepared them to navigate the emergence of social media. He has led the launch of new digital platforms internationally and his work to transform a major national television network in Central America catapulted the channel to the number one spot in news and opinion in 2020. His production of presidential debates has earned him recognition in the United States and Latin America and given television viewers a front-row seat to political match-ups from around the world. Willie’s achievements have been globally recognized, honored over the years two Peabod, the Alfred I. DuPont Columbia University Award, and one of great personal significance to him, being knighted by his country of birth, the DominicanRepublic.